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Arjun Rampal, a name synonymous with grace, talent, and versatility in the Indian film industry, has carved out an illustrious career that resonates with millions of fans worldwide. This biography delves into the life of Arjun Rampal, exploring his early years, his rise to fame, and the pivotal moments that have defined his distinguished career in Bollywood.

From his debut in the glamorous world of modeling to his breakthrough in cinema and his evolution as an actor, Rampal’s story is not just about his professional achievements but also about the personal trials and tribulations that have shaped him into the person he is today. Join us as we journey through the life of Arjun Rampal, uncovering the layers that make up this enigmatic figure in the realm of Indian cinema.

Arjun Rampal Early Life and Childhood

Arjun Rampal’s early years were marked by a blend of cultural influences and experiences that contributed to his multifaceted personality. While we’re avoiding details about his birthday, family background, and education, here are some key aspects of his early life and childhood:

  • Exposure to Diverse Cultures: Growing up, Rampal was exposed to a variety of cultures, which helped him develop a broad perspective on life and an appreciation for diversity.
  •  Inclination towards Sports: He showed a keen interest in sports during his childhood, participating in various athletic activities which helped in building his discipline and physical fitness.
  •  Early Signs of Creativity: Rampal displayed a natural flair for creativity, often engaging in activities that showcased his artistic talents.
  •  Influence of Cinema and Theatre: From a young age, he was fascinated by the world of cinema and theatre, which played a significant role in shaping his aspirations.
  •  Development of Interpersonal Skills: He was known for his charismatic personality, which made him popular among his peers and helped to develop his interpersonal skills.
  •  Interest in Fashion and Style: Even as a child, Rampal exhibited a keen interest in fashion and style, often experimenting with his looks.
  •  Role Models and Inspirations: Influenced by various actors and public figures, he began to nurture a dream of entering the entertainment industry.
  •  Overcoming Challenges: His childhood also included overcoming certain challenges that contributed to his resilience and determination.

Arjun Rampal full information

Full NameArjun Rampal
Birth DateNovember 26, 1972
Age51 (as of 2023)
Place of BirthJabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India
ProfessionActor, Model, Film Producer
Height6 feet 1 inch (approx. 185 cm)
Weight85 kg (approx. 187 lbs)
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Languages SpokenHindi, English
Arjun Rampal full information

Arjun Rampal Family

FatherAmarjeet Rampal
MotherGwen Rampal
Ex-WifeMehr Jesia
Daughters (with Mehr Jesia)Mahikaa Rampal, Myra Rampal
PartnerGabriella Demetriades
Son (with Gabriella Demetriades)Arik Rampal
Arjun Rampal Family
Arjun Rampal Family  pic
Arjun Rampal Family pic

Arjun Rampal Education & Qualification

Level of EducationInstitution NameQualification/Course
SchoolSt. Patrick School, Deolali, Maharashtra
Higher SecondaryKodaikanal International School, Tamil NaduInternational Baccalaureate
College/UniversityHindu College, University of DelhiB.A. in Economics (Dropout)
Arjun Rampal Education & Qualification

Arjun Rampal Social Media

FacebookArjun Rampal
wiki page Arjun Rampal
TwitterArjun Rampal
instagramArjun Rampal
Arjun Rampal Social Media

Arjun Rampal Debut & Awards

Film Debut“Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat” (2001)
Modeling DebutParticipation in the Society’s Face of the Year, 1994
Television DebutHost of “Love 2 Hate U” (2011)
Notable Awards
National Film AwardBest Supporting Actor for “Rock On!!” (2009)
Filmfare AwardBest Supporting Actor for “Rock On!!” (2009)
Screen AwardBest Supporting Actor for “Rock On!!” (2009)
IIFA AwardBest Supporting Actor for “Rock On!!” (2009)
Other RecognitionsSeveral other nominations and recognitions in various film awards
Arjun Rampal Debut & Awards
Arjun Rampal pic
Arjun Rampal pic

Arjun Rampal Movies List

YearMovie Title
2001Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat
2002Dil Hai Tumhaara
2003Dil Ka Rishta
2007Om Shanti Om
2008Rock On!!
2016Rock On 2
2019Aankhen 2 (Announced)
Arjun Rampal Movies List

Commonly Asked Questions About Arjun Rampal

  • What is Arjun Rampal known for? Arjun Rampal is known for his work as an actor, model, and film producer in the Indian film industry. He gained fame for his versatile roles in both mainstream and independent cinema.
  • How did Arjun Rampal start his career? Arjun Rampal started his career as a model and then made a successful transition to acting. His film debut was in the 2001 film “Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat.”
  • Has Arjun Rampal won any awards for his acting? Yes, Arjun Rampal has won several awards, including the prestigious National Film Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in “Rock On!!” and the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor for the same film.
  • What are some of Arjun Rampal’s most notable films? Some of his most notable films include “Rock On!!”, “Om Shanti Om”, “Don”, “Ra.One”, and “Dil Hai Tumhaara.”
  • Did Arjun Rampal pursue any education in acting? There is no public record of Arjun Rampal receiving formal education in acting. He started his career in modeling and then transitioned into acting.
  • What is Arjun Rampal’s background in modeling? Arjun Rampal was a successful model before entering the film industry. He won the Society’s Face of the Year award in 1994.
  • Is Arjun Rampal involved in any philanthropic activities? While specific details of his philanthropic activities might not be widely publicized, like many celebrities, he has been involved in various social causes and charity events.
  • Has Arjun Rampal worked in television as well? Yes, he has worked in television, including hosting the TV show “Love 2 Hate U” in 2011.
  • How has Arjun Rampal’s career evolved over the years? Arjun Rampal’s career has evolved from modeling to acting in a wide range of film genres, from romantic dramas to action thrillers. He has also ventured into film production.
  • What is the latest project or film that Arjun Rampal is working on? For the most recent updates on his projects, one would need to refer to the latest news or his official social media profiles, as his ongoing projects may change over time.

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