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K. J. Yesudas Biography: Exploring the Life and Music

K. J. Yesudas, a name synonymous with melodious versatility and a living legend in Indian music, has captivated millions of hearts worldwide. Born on January 10, 1940, in Fort Kochi, Kerala, India, Kattassery Joseph Yesudas, commonly known as K. J. Yesudas, has been a dominant figure in the Indian music industry for over five decades. His journey, rich in musical exploits and spiritual depth, is not just a tale of personal triumph but a reflection of the changing landscape of Indian music.

This biography seeks to delve into the life and musical odyssey of Yesudas, a voice that transcends boundaries of language, religion, and region and resonates with the soulful yearning of countless listeners. Through his eclectic body of work spanning film scores, classical renditions, and devotional hymns, Yesudas has become an irreplaceable icon in the cultural tapestry of India. As we explore his beginnings, career milestones, challenges, and legacies, we embark on a journey that reveals as much about the power of music as it does about this extraordinary artist’s life.

K. J. Yesudas: Early Life and Childhood

Here are some key points about K. J. Yesudas’s early life and childhood:

  1. Birth and Family Background:
    • His parents were Augustine Joseph (a well-known Malayalam classical musician and stage actor) and Elizabeth Joseph
    • He hails from a Latin Catholic Christian family.
  2. Siblings:
    • Yesudas was the second of seven children.
    • His elder sister was named Pushpa.
    • He had four younger brothers: Antony (Antappan), Babu, Mani, and Justin.
    • Tragically, both Pushpa and Babu passed away due to fever at a young age.
    • Justin, the youngest brother, died under mysterious circumstances in February 2020
  3. Musical Influence:
    • Growing up in a family with a musical legacy, Yesudas was exposed to music from an early age.
    • His father’s influence played a significant role in shaping his musical journey.
  4. Education and Training:
    • Yesudas joined the Music Academy in Thrippunithura for formal music training.
  5. Emergence as a Singer:
    • Yesudas started performing in public at a young age, showcasing his remarkable talent.
    • His journey from Kochi to becoming one of India’s greatest playback singers began during these formative years.
KJ Yesudas Birthday
KJ Yesudas Birthday

K. J. Yesudas: Full Information

Full NameKattassery Joseph Yesudas
Nick NameYesudas, Ganagandharvan
Birth DateJanuary 10, 1940
Age84 (as of 2024)
Place of BirthFort Kochi, Kerala, India
ProfessionPlayback Singer, Musician
Height1.73 m
Weight72 kg
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack (mostly gray due to age)
Languages SpokenMalayalam, Tamil, Hindi, and others

K. J. Yesudas: Family Members Name

Family MemberRelation
Vinod YesudasSon
Vijay YesudasSon
Vishal YesudasSon
Elizabeth YesudasDaughter-in-Law
Darshana YesudasDaughter-in-Law
Avanthika YesudasGranddaughter
Aishwarya YesudasGranddaughter
k j yesudas family photos
k j yesudas family photos

K. J. Yesudas: Education & Qualification

Level of EducationInstitution or Qualification
SchoolingNot Widely Publicized
Music EducationSwathi Thirunal College of Music, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
Further TrainingStudied under renowned musicians like K. R. Kumaraswamy Iyer and Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer

K. J. Yesudas: Social Media link

FacebookK. J. Yesudas on Facebook
TwitterK. J. Yesudas on Twitter
InstagramK. J. Yesudas on Instagram
YouTubeK. J. Yesudas on YouTube

K. J. Yesudas: Debut & Award

National Film Award1972Manushyan MathangaleMalayalam
1973Padmatheerthame UnaruMalayalam
1976Gori Tera Gaon Bada PyaraHindi
1982Aakasa Desaana Aashada MaasaanaTelugu
1987Unnikale Oru Kadha ParayamMalayalam
1991Ramakadha GaanalayamMalayalam
1993Ksheerasaagara ShayanaMalayalam
2017Poymaranja KaalamMalayalam
Kerala State Film Award1969Polthinkalkkala Kumara SambhavamMalayalam
1970Various Songs (Various Films)Malayalam
k j yesudas awards
k j yesudas awards

K. J. Yesudas: Popular Song

Aaj Se Pehle Aaj Se ZyadaChitchor (1976)Hindi
Chand Jaise Mukhde PeSawan Ko Aane Do (1979)Hindi
Jab Deep Jale AanaChitchor (1976)Hindi
Tere Bin Soona MereSawan Ko Aane Do (1979)Hindi
Gori Tera Gaon Bada PyaraChitchor (1976)Hindi
Tu Jo Mere Sur Me, Sur MilaleChitchor (1976)Hindi
Tum Itni Sundar HoChitchor (1976)Hindi
Dil Ke Tukde Tukde KarkeDada (1979)Hindi
Kajre Ki BaatiKudrat (1981)Hindi
Teri Bholi Muskanon NeKhushboo (1975)Hindi
Khwab Ko Badal DengeKabhi Kabhie (1976)Hindi

K. J. Yesudas: Commonly Asked Questions

  1. What is K. J. Yesudas known for? Yesudas is renowned for his playback singing in Indian cinema, particularly in Malayalam, Tamil, and Hindi languages.
  2. How many songs has K. J. Yesudas sung? He is estimated to have sung over 50,000 songs across various languages.
  3. What are some of K. J. Yesudas’s most famous songs? Some of his notable songs include “Gori Tera Gaon Bada Pyara,” “Harivarasanam,” and “Kanneer Poovinte.”
  4. What awards has K. J. Yesudas received? He has received several prestigious awards, including the Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan, and multiple National Film Awards for Best Male Playback Singer.
  5. Which languages can K. J. Yesudas sing in? Yesudas is versatile in many languages, including Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali, and Odia.
  6. Has K. J. Yesudas contributed to music outside of India? Yes, he has performed globally and is known for his contributions to world music.
  7. Is K. J. Yesudas still active in singing? As of my last update, he was still active, contributing to various projects and concerts.

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