Virat Kohli Biography: A Cricketing Phenomenon

In the realm of cricket, few names evoke as much reverence and admiration as Virat Kohli. Born on November 5, 1988, in Delhi, India, Kohli’s journey from a precocious talent to a cricketing icon is a testament to his unparalleled skill, unwavering dedication, and unyielding passion for the sport. With a batting style that blends aggression with finesse, Kohli has redefined the art of batting, mesmerizing fans around the globe with his masterful strokes and insatiable hunger for runs. As we embark on a journey through the life and career of Virat Kohli, we unravel the story of a modern-day cricketing legend whose achievements on the field have etched his name in the annals of cricketing greatness.

Virat Kohli: Early Life and Childhood

  • Passion for Cricket: From a young age, Virat Kohli showed a deep interest in cricket. He would often be seen wielding a cricket bat and playing with friends and in local tournaments.
  •  Joining Cricket Academy: Recognizing his keen interest and potential in cricket, Kohli joined the West Delhi Cricket Academy at the age of nine. This was a pivotal step in nurturing his talent.
  •  Early Sporting Influence: His father, a lawyer by profession, played a crucial role in supporting his cricketing ambitions, often taking him to matches and practices.
  •  Initial Struggles and Dedication: Kohli faced the usual struggles of any young athlete, balancing his time between cricket and other responsibilities. However, his dedication to the sport was evident from an early stage.
  •  Junior Cricket Circuit: He made a mark in the Delhi junior cricket circuit. His performances were consistently impressive, showing early signs of his potential as a future international player.
  •  Leadership Qualities: Even as a youngster, Kohli displayed leadership qualities. He often took charge during games and was known for his competitive spirit.
  •  Personal Tragedy: At a young age, he experienced a significant personal loss when his father passed away. This event had a profound impact on him, both personally and in his cricket career.
  •  Rapid Advancement in Cricket: Kohli’s cricket career progressed rapidly. He moved from playing local tournaments to representing Delhi in various age-group teams, demonstrating his prowess as a batsman.
  •  Early Recognition: His talent was recognized early on by coaches and selectors, paving the way for his entry into more competitive levels of cricket, including the Under-15 and Under-17 teams.
Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli: Full Information

Full Name:Virat Kohli
Date of Birth:November 5, 1988
Place of Birth:Delhi, India
Height:1.75 m
Weight:69 kg
Profession:Cricket Player
Eye Color:Black
Hair Color:Dark
Full Information

Virat Kohli: Family Member

Family MemberRelation
Prem KohliFather
Saroj KohliMother
Vikash KohliBrother
Bhavna KohliSister
Family Member

Virat Kohli: Personal Life

Virat Kohli married Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma in December 2017. The couple, known as “Virushka” by fans, has been highly influential both on and off the field. They welcomed their first child, a daughter named Vamika, in January 2021.

Virat Kohli: Education & Qualification

SchoolVishal Bharti Public School, Delhi
Higher EducationNot Available
Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli: Cricket Career

  1. Debut and Rising Star (2008-2010):
    • 2008: Virat made his debut for the Indian cricket team.
    • 2009-2010: His star began to rise, showcasing his immense talent.
  2. World Cup Glory (2011):
    • In the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup, Kohli played a crucial role in India’s triumph.
  3. Test Debut and Vice-Captaincy (2011):
    • 2011: He made his Test debut against the West Indies and was appointed vice-captain.
  4. Ascending to Greatness (2012-2013):
    • During this period, Kohli’s batting prowess reached new heights.
    • He consistently scored runs across formats.
  5. Captaincy (2014):
    • In 2014, he took over the captaincy reins from MS Dhoni in Test cricket.
  6. Captain Kohli (2015-2016):
    • Kohli led the Indian team with passion and determination.
    • His aggressive style of play left a mark on the cricketing world.
  7. Dominating Across Formats (2017):
    • Virat continued to dominate in all formats—Tests, ODIs, and T20Is.

Virat Kohli: International Career

Virat Kohli’s international career has been nothing short of stellar. He made significant contributions with the bat across all formats of the game, earning a reputation as one of the finest batsmen of his generation. Kohli’s batting style is characterized by his aggression, impeccable technique, and ability to chase down targets under pressure.

He has amassed thousands of runs in Test cricket, One Day Internationals (ODIs), and Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is), breaking numerous records along the way. Kohli has scored centuries against all Test-playing nations and holds the record for the fastest century by an Indian batsman in ODIs.

This timeline encapsulates the remarkable journey of Virat Kohli, from a spunky teenager to a cricketing legend who has left an indelible impact on the game.

Virat Kohli: Off the Field

Beyond cricket, Kohli is involved in various philanthropic endeavors. He established the Virat Kohli Foundation, which focuses on empowering underprivileged children and supporting athletes. Kohli is also actively involved in promoting fitness and healthy lifestyles.

Virat Kohli: Social Media Link

Instagram69.4 million
Twitter36.7 million

Virat Kohli: Commonly Asked Questions

  • General Knowledge Questions:Date of Birth: Virat Kohli was born on November 5, 1988, in Delhi, India.
  •  Wife: His wife is the talented actress Anushka Sharma.
  •  Virat Kohli’s Childhood:When did he start playing cricket? Virat’s cricket journey began during his childhood.
  •  Introduction to Cricket: His father played a significant role in introducing him to the sport.
  •  School Days: He attended Vishal Bharti Public School and Saviour Convent during his school years.
  •  Childhood Friends: Virat’s childhood friends remain an essential part of his memories.
  •  Advice to His Younger Self: If he could, he would advise his younger self to cherish every moment and stay dedicated to his passion.
  •  Behavioral Insights:Life Lessons: Virat believes in learning from life’s experiences.
  •  Handling Criticism: Throughout his career, he has managed both praise and criticism with resilience.
  •  Dealing with Failure: His ability to bounce back from setbacks has been crucial to his success.
  •  Future Plans:Virat continues to set goals for himself, aiming for excellence in the coming years.
  •  Opinions on Cricket and Sports:He admires the best batsmen in the world and appreciates their unique qualities.
  •  His advice to aspiring youngsters: pursue your dreams relentlessly.
  •  Teammates:Curious about the funniest mate in the group? Virat might have an answer!

Virat Kohli’s journey from a young cricketer to a global icon is truly inspiring! 🏏


Virat Kohli’s journey is a remarkable tale of talent, hard work, and perseverance. From his humble beginnings in Delhi to conquering the cricketing world, Kohli has left an indelible mark on the sport. As he continues to write new chapters in his illustrious career, his legacy as one of cricket’s all-time greats is secure.

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